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Thrive 365 supplements were formulated by a Homeopath who was unhappy with the results he was receiving from supplements on the market that he was prescribing in his practice.

He describes:

As a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine, you spend a lot of time with your patients analysing their physical, mental and emotional state. The approach we take often involves investigating their illness with a physical examination, x-rays and blood tests. Once your diagnosis is made and a customised treatment plan is prescribed, you and your patient do not want to be let down by the supplements you prescribe.”

“I believe the supplements must always contain the correct ingredients with the correct strength, dosage and must be of good quality.”

The Homeopath made the following observations regarding many products on the market:

  • Many supplements targeted just the ‘symptoms’ and did not look at the conditions holistically thus, resulting in the health problem not being effectively managed as well as a reduced efficacy of the supplement.
  • Many of the active ingredients were of a low strength which resulted in short term relief of the condition and the supplement not being as effective as one would expect.
  • The dosages in some cases were incorrect and did not meet the therapeutic need required for the desired health benefit.

After more than a decade of clinical observations, a range of products was formulated with the following basic principles in mind:

  • Holistic formulations: The products were designed looking at the condition holistically and not merely just treating 1 or 2 symptoms of the health condition.
  • Therapeutic doses: The formulations have the correct concentration of active ingredients for optimal effect with the correct dosage.
  • Quality: The supplements are of a good quality and are manufactured to the highest standard.