“I had a very painful case of shingles on my back, I was prescribed Immuno-eeze and my rash was completely cleared in 2 weeks of taking the medicine. I continued with the medicine for 3 months to boost my Immune system and I am feeling good”. Mr F – 32 years.

“I am HIV positive and I have been using Hlala Uphilile for 4 months, I have recently had my Viral load tested and it has come down from 2000 to 700.My CD4 count has also improved.I am very happy with the product and I well”. Miss N – 41 years.

“I am HIV positive and get frequent thrush; I developed a chronic cough and had 4 courses of antibiotics which did not help. I was prescribed the booster dose of Immuno-eeze for 1 week, then the normal dose thereafter, my cough cleared up quickly and I am still using Immuno-eeze and if I feel like I am coming down with something I take the booster dose for a few days”. Mrs E – 45 years.

“I have bladder cancer, and get frequent infections and have a constant burning sensation in my bladder.I was prescribed Immuno-eeze and I no longer have discomfort in my bladder, I feel much better”. Mr R – 70 years.

“I use Cal Mag complex in my pharmacy as a supplement when clients come in for E scan testing and show a calcium or magnesium deficiency-the Cal mag complex always shows improvement in the levels of calcium and magnesium when I retest”. Mrs I.

“I was diagnosed with a high acid content with pain and stiffness in most of my joints.I started taking Joint complex and felt relief, I then ran out of the tablets and bought another brand which was not as effective. I have gone back on to Joint complex and I am feeling the difference”. Mr P – 50 years.

“I had pain and stiffness in my fingers, especially worse in the morning. The pain was excruciating if I just bumped my fingers against something. I started on the Joint complex and within 2 months I had no pain and early morning stiffness”. Mrs L – 55 years.

“For the last few years I have had sore breasts before my period and very heavy periods with clots, especially on Day 1, it felt like my insides were falling out.I was drained, irritable and had cramps and did not want to be touched by anybody. I have been taking Femme Complex for 4 months and there has been a complete turnaround in my symptoms, which happened after the 1st month. I am generally an irritable person, but I feel I am more mellow and tolerant and I am handling my irritation better towards my husband and kiddies”. Kim S – 42 years.

“I had a hysterectomy some years back and went into early menopause. I had at least 5 hot flushes per night, was moody irritable and tearful.I started Femme Complex and within 3 weeks there was a big change,I no longer wake at night and I now feel normal”. Lomie B – 47 years.